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The letter Y is a symbol of a hourglass!

Our lifetime is valuable and we want to make it as great as possible! We are going to support you, no matter what level you are on!

Go with the flow and never forget to live in the present.


Alex Mizurov started skateboarding in the year of 2000 without even having a skatepark in town. Working on himself every day to become a better skateboarder. Winning the European championships (Basel) and Game of SKATE (San Diego) in 2006 put him on the radar in the skateboard world.

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Skateboarding is about being creative and having fun but it's necessary to understand the fundamentals, like...

What kind of shape do I need? Which wood is the best?
How can I enjoy skating and make progress at the same time?

„The biggest problem I see in skateboarding is the lack of knowledge, especially when you start skating.“

There is no right or wrong when looking for a deck, it’s always personal preference, but if you are trying to skate a Vertramp or a Street spot you definitely want to know the difference! We will help you find the right solution so you can be more consistent, it’s key for your progress!

We only use Canadian maple for your decks and it’s our duty to bring you the best quality possible!


We have been a couple for over 15 years and always trusted each other!
Trust is the foundation for our company and we have put a lot of heart and soul into this new start up based in Dubai, UAE.

TYME Skateboards founded in 2021 by Denise & Alex Mizurov

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